Other softwares

I  have  put a collection of my softwares to the public here.

Seulimeum is a free 1-D DC Resitivity modeling software. The software runs under windows operating system. Simply, by just copying the data into the text editor, and the program is ready to calculate the theoretical response of the given model. The figure below shows the screenshot of Seulimeum.


Download Seulimeum for Windows vista and xp.


GTool is a free integrated tool for geothermal project design based on important parameters only. The use of the software has been presented in the World Geothermal Congress in Bali 2010 by Dona Rosalina, et.al. The figure below shows the screenshot of GTool. The uniqueness of this tool is the integration from the resource assessment, the field development, to the economic exercise, all in one spot, with just few clicks.


Download Gtool for windows vista and xp


IRRSim is a free IRR Simulation, on the basis of MonteCarlo method.  This    console based application reads a text file containing the project parameters, then simulates the IRR and the cashflow.  A paper discussing the program has been  presented at the WGC Congress in Bali 2010 by Tony Gadhavi et.al.  The figure below shows the screenshot of the application.


Download IRRSim for Windows vista and xp


DDminCurv is a free Directional Drilling calculator to just put the well coordinates, and the directional drilling survey, and the program calculates the well trajectory in 3-D space (x,y,z)



It's free!

I put some of handy and useful programs to run geothermal industries.

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