Alameda v.1


Alameda is a free 1-D MT inversion runs under Windows OS (xp, vista 32bit, vista 64bit). This free software is designed to invert MT data, e.g apparent resistivity as a function of period. The  software is  very handy, since the size is only 800kb.  It contains five user friendly tabs, and each tab contains useful tool for 1-D MT study. The first panel, for example, is shown in the two figures below. The blue dots  are the observed data, while the red dots are the theoretical response. The model is a multi-layered earth, as shown by this screen shot. Spurious data points can be masked out to  yield the expected geological image. And to regularize the inversions, the initial model, the minimum, and the maximum resistivity of the model  can also be assigned prior to the inversion, as shown by this screen shot.

The above figure shows the initial guess, and the figure below shows the result of the inversion.

The output of the inversion are displayed both in graphics and text , while the Alameda input is ASCII textfile. And just for fun, Alameda also has a tab for forward calculation exercise.


Download Alameda for Windows xp and vista 32bit

Download Alameda for Windows  vista 64bit






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Regularized inversion

1-D model plot

Misfit plot

Output in graphs and text

Read input  from a textfile

1-D forward calculation.


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