Gladiola v.1

Gladiola  is a free  win32 application for MT static shift correction. The program reads MT EDI files and uses a given shallow structure  (from TDEM or DC Resistivity)  to produce the theoretical undisturbed MT tensor. The following figure shows the screenshot of the Gladiola. The plots are based on a synthetic dataset. The left panel is rhoapp as a function of period T, while the right panel is the corresponding phase . Blue dots on the left panel stand for rhoxy,  the red pluses stand for rhoyx, and the black dots with line represent the TDEM derived MT curve. The solid blue line is the corrected rhoxy, while the solid red line is the corrected rhoyx. The points that have very low values are the rhoxx and rhoyy.

Static shift on MT

The irregularity of topography causes static shift on MT records. One remedy to the disturbance is to run TDEM (time domain electromagnetic) survey.

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