I put some pictures that I took during MT Surveys over the Indonesian regions. They are not sorted in a particular subjects. Enjoy.

Superheated fumaroles in the vicinity of lake Linau in Lahendong, North Sulawesi.

Fertile rice fields  surrounding Lake Kerinci in Jambi, South Sumatera.

A tranquile pool, in front of the Barisan Range in Hululais, Bengkulu, South Sumatera.

My crew carrying MT equipments over hydrothermally altered ground in Sumatra Jungle. The light brown material is oxide-rich soil, while the gray material is argillic clays.

Sometimes, local villagers have the eager to know magnetotellurics also. So, here I am, in blue shirt, pointing out the 5-channel recorder that we use.

Sometimes, the MT site is situated near a very noisy spot. This big genset here, for example, creates harmonic noise to the MT records. Another problem is static noise from low heavy cloud touching the ground.

One crew : carrying one 5-channel recorder, three coils, cables, batteries, porospouts, GPS, water, salt, sometime bentonites, roll-meter, shovels, compass, radios, and other logistics. In most cases we have three MT crews at a time, and one TDEM crew.


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