Welcome to my magnetotelluric site

This site discusses magnetotelluric (MT) method used to image the earth structure. The method was pioneered by Andre Tikhonov in Russia and Louis Cagniard in France back in the 50's. Today, the applications of the method spans a very broad spectrum, such as  oil industries, engineering, geothermal, crustal studies, volcanoes, environmental studies. This site is decicated to the magnetotelluric theory and applications, and hopefully we can share thoughts and ideas, especially for geothermal applications.


Magnetotellurics is fun. Cheers. 

Imam B Raharjo

PhD Candidate

Dept. of Geology and Geophysics

The University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT., U.S.A.






A figure showing MT records in time series within one minute window. From top to bottom are : Ex, Hy,  Ey, and Hx.  E and H stand for electric and magnetic field respectively, x and y are the notation for  x and y axis direction  [taken from Raharjo, 2004-~, Guest lecture to UI, UGM, and Unila]


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